Krista….possible hang out joints! I was inspired to look up cool breweries/dives in Alaska after reading this—->, which includes my fav spot in Boston, Deep Ellum.

Disclaimer-I did not look up where in the cities any of these are so we might not be able to get to them…especially in Juneau, unless either of us can get a private plane by May.

Juneau (maybe Mark and Elaine Miller will come!!!!!!!)
Alaskan Brewing Co.——> TOP PRIORITY
Ummm can we get a beer and sit under that rainbow in front of those mountains?  I think this is what Heaven looks like.

Alaskan Hotel and Bar Inc.
“Our historic turn of the century bar is a local center of activity all year round. The Alaskan hotel is the winner of the local paper’s reader’s choice award for ‘Best Live Music.'”  Plus they have a tab on their website that says “Ghosts.”
Alaskan Hotel and Bar 1 Alaskan Hotel and Bar 2

Triangle Club Bar
Based on the Yelp Review “here’s to a great dive and dirty ole men checking you out.” The history section on their website is also pretty cool.
Triangle Club 2 Triangle club 3

is bumpin
Midnight Sun Brewing Co.
They give tours! Of course, we would not be able to afford food but we could go for their flights
Have to insert a quick It’s Always Sunny quote

Mac-They’re also experimenting with a secret microbrew. Word on the street that it’s delicious and powerful.
Charlie-Bullshit! We’re the microbrew guys! They can’t take that!
Franks-Wait. You guys have a microbrew?
Charlie- Yes! We make a delicious, amazing microbrew!
Dee- Oh, it’s amazing. They-They throw all the skunk beer into a trash can.
And then they sell it for $10 a glass.
Midnight Sun 1 Midnight Sun 2

Tap Root Public House
Music, Food, Beer, Perfection
Also 3 dollar drafts including “Pleasure Town IPA,” “Ninkasi Total Domination,” and “Panty Peeler,” sooo yea
taproot 1 taproot 2

Sleeping Lady Brewing Company
One word: Deck
sleeping llady 2
sleeping lady 1

Denali Brewing Company
Did not expect to be going this crazy with breweries BUT LOOK HOW CUTE IT IS!!
Denali Brewing 1 Denali Brewing 2

Big-I Pub and Lounge
An Irish bar for me!!!!!
Big I 1

 The Marlin
live music and they open at 4:20 every day. HA
Marlin 1 Marlin 2

Wrangell St. Elias
I’m just going to leave this blank since we will probably spend the whole time just trying to survive


2 thoughts on “Beer Blog-KRISTA THIS IS ME TAGGING YOU

  1. This is AWESOME. Thank you for tagging me and researching 🙂 I am so excited for SO many of these… I think our adventure should just turn into a beer tasting/tour. We can still wear our hikers. Denali Brewing Company seems cool and obv Alaskan Brewing Co. is a must… We need to visit all of these. How can we just pick a few?! Next time we’re home I’m taking you to Resurgence on Niagara St.


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